Amazing Future of phone function

we are using smartphone daily but these interesting function do not know.

1. IMEI Number

This Simple code{*#06#} press call button.unique 15 digit number you can international mobile equipment identity number,  As it Shortly called IMEI .

IMEI is unique code number for example loss of your phone is easily block service
provide you can stop system.

2. Statistics and Secret Menu


The combinations *#*#4636#*#* various purpose provide device.Use this code Android ,WiFi signal,battery, CPU statistics information each be selected provide options for example battery statistics and find out battery self, even temperatures also used device.


3.No Outgoing Call

The next code working deactivate any outgoing call. so you can try this code *33*#. Any outgoing call is full stoped system.


4. Quick Turning Off

You know only long press power button and you know some option power off .
There is simple code using directly turning off mobile *#*#7594#*#* turn off use it’s small menu.


5.Hide you Number Out Going Calls

The finally one of the interesting feature available device.you are I phone and Android users use this code #31# your phone number all out going call Hide .

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