History of First Telephone

Washington: Founder Alexander Graham Bell. Graham Bell, who was trying to record the sound after the telephone, recorded his voice in a plate. The voice of Graham Bell in the plate, has been restored using the latest technologies of computer.

Although the phone is known for inventing, Graham Bell has found a number of machines used in everyday life.

Alexander Planck was born in 1847 in England. He is one of the most important scientists in the list of explorers who draw attention to the world. He found the phone in 1876 and revolutionized the communication.

After 9 years after the phone was discovered, he made a new recording of the voice record, and on April 15, 1885, he recorded his voice in a waxed trouser cardboard plate.


It was preserved in the Smithsonian Museum in the United States for 138 years in the preservation of antique plates.

In this case, the voice of Graham Bell, which has been posted on the plate, has been restored using computer technologies. He said, ‘Listen to my voice – Alexander Graham Bell.’

He also said the numbers in this line. He has also recorded several monetary values ??for ‘three dollars’, ‘seven dollars and 29 cents’. Thus, he may have thought it was intended to be used for commercial purposes.

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