Meanings of 5 Emojis You Might Not Have Known

A big part of texting and one cannot ignore the fact that texting contributes to most of our life in this generation. Honestly, can you even think about one day without texting absolutely anyone on your contacts? No is the answer and that is exactly what my point is. Emojis help you describe your facial expressions while you are saying something in texts and are in fact, very necessary. There are many texts which might not give out the exact meaning you want it to, without using emojis and that’s how important it is.

Well, there are many different emojis on many different user interfaces as well as social media websites and some of them are not understandable by everybody. This is the reason why this article gives out the exact meanings of the commonly used emojis which you might have mistaken for something else, in the past.

1. This is not actually a face which describes being angry but a face which describe being motivated. A face with triumph is what you can call it. In simple words, this can be used by someone who has just achieved anything in his life and is really proud about it.

2. Did you actually know what this emoji meant? Chances are, you didn’t and you might have mistaken it for a person lying down for a massage or a person basically putting his head down. It’s nothing related to any of the above. You can use this emoji when you want to portray a sincere request to somebody who you respect. This is the bowing down emoji.

3. This is probably the most controversial emoji in history. This is because almost everybody thought this is the praying emoji but people was shocked when the real meaning of the emoji bursted out in all of social media. This is a high-five emoji. Ever thought about that?

4. No wonder why this emoji was mistaken for a frustrated expression. It looks like that but what is genuinely means is a tired face.

5. If you ever thought this was a dark chocolate ice cream, let me tell you it is not. It would also be wrong to say that most people did not know the real meaning of this. Many knew and many didn’t and for the people who didn’t, this is just a pile of poop. Straight and simple.

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